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Being a mother can sometimes feel surreal to a number of people. The marvellous feeling cannot be explained and every moment with the new born is often cherished.

When a celebrity has a child, it is often as if the child has a large family which consists of their fan base. A number of stars sometimes take to social media to showcase their kids.

However, it has become a trend for some female celebs to hide the identities of their babies and it is no longer alien for stars to cover the faces on their kids when posting on social media.

Popular singer, Emma Nyra, recently took to her Instagram page to show off her twin babies, a boy and a girl, as they clocked six months.

Emma seems to be one of those stars who like to keep their kids off social media but she could not herself as she posted a photo of them with their faces covered.

In her caption, she explained that raising them has not been easy but she promises to make them proud to have her as a mother.

She wrote: “Wow God is so good. Time is really flying. At this very moment 6 months ago, God changed my life for the better. Sleepless nights and moments of love and laughter for sure. It hasn’t been easy but Mommy and Daddy love you forever. You will never be alone in this world and I promise to make you so proud to call me Mommy Should I make a page for them? Happy 6 months my loves~ @nyranation #Twins #Multiples #AlexanderEmmanuel #AlexandríaEmaní #MamaIbeji

Cute babies.

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