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Nollywood actress Yvonne Nelson and her daughter Ryn Roberts serve fans with a lot of loved up moments. Recently, the screen diva took to her page to share a very lovely video which revealed another side of her relationship with Ryn. This video has been the talk of many people.

In the video, little Ryn happened to stumble on her mother on TV. Her reaction upon seeing her mom talk and gesticulate to certain people who she considered to be strangers was timeless. She cried and tried to reach out for her mother.

At a point, she even tried to climb into the TV! According to Yvonne, she had left home early in the morning in order to go for an interview. Ryn who had not seen her when she left eventually saw on TV, and being a child, she thought she could reach for her mom through the screen.

The nanny who saw the adorable reaction of Ryn took to recording the moment and sending it to Yvonne. Without doubt, this got the actress all emotional in so much that she decided to come home to see her little bundle of joy.

Yvonne also took to her Instagram page to share the video. She added a caption that revealed just how happy, excited and emotional she was at seeing her daughter behave in such manner.

See her post below:

“My nanny just sent me this. im all teary….. she was still sleeping when i left the house for this interview….im driving back home my baby. @rynroberts mama is coming.”

Yvonne was not the only one who was deeply affected by the video. Most of her fans were also touched in the deepest parts of their emotions as well. In light of this, they took to reacting in beautiful ways.

See some of the reactions below:

cynthia_thedon: “Aeeeee mummy please hurry and come home before we enter the tv and bring you. Lovely.”

beautyblendmakeover_brazzavill: “This video just made my day.”

firdaosfuudia: “The nanny must be rewarded..this is so breath taking.”

deborahkalokoh: “The bond between mother and child really unique….can’t stop watching.”

cynthia_emi_: “This is just so touching. Awww mother and daughter’s bond is strong.”

Recently, many men came for Yvonne Nelson after she said that Ghanaians men were not confident enough to approach or propose to her. Some even told her that she was not being proposed to because she was ‘foreign-used’.

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